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About us
Established in 2014, London Magic Traders' mission has always been to provide the best customer service our fellow MTG players/lovers deserve.
We have sold over 300,000 Cards and received 30,000 Positive Feedback.
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"to those looking for someone to sell cards to, I highly recommend this vendor" - Maya
"Sold a couple of decent sized batches of cards to London Magic Traders and they rated them fairly, communicated very politely, clearly and patiently about the whole process and paid extremely quickly. Very professional team and I would strongly recommend if you're looking to sell cards. My experience buying from them has been awesome as well!" - Ed
"Not only was my sell order processed quickly and a good price offered, but when I flipped my credit into new cards they were delivered next day and in perfect condition" - Ian
Great service from these guys. Sold a number of cards here for credit and the process is always smooth and hassle free. Also bought MTG singles on a number of occasions and delivery is always fast and the items in perfect condition. Would recommend to any TCG fans and players! - Matt
"Looked online to sell my old MTG collection and they had the best reviews. From the first contacted to the money being put into my bank they are Class A service. Highly recommend" - James