Two ways to sell your cards, you choose!
1. Use our Buylist Platform to get a valuation in real time (info in the next chapter)
2. Alternatively, you can save time by just sending your collection to us and we'll do the valuation for you. For this service, please email us at:
How do I use your Buylist to sell my cards?
After creating your Account (click here), you will be able to access our Buylist (click here), which contains the database of all MTG cards ever printed.
Search for your cards, add them to the cart (please, make sure all your cards are in English language)
Once you have added all the cards you wish to sell, click on "submit buylist" and our team will be in touch within a few hours.
You will receive an email with all the info necessary to send us your cards.
Within 24 hours of their arrival, we will check the cards and email you for the payment. You can choose Bank transfer or PayPal transfer
What if I want to trade my cards for other cards, instead of cash?
Once you access the Buylist, you can select the "Price shown in Store Credit" option
We pay an extra 40% if you choose Store Credit and use it to buy our cards
(check our inventory on our sister website:
The 40% bonus is only valid for Cards, but you can still get a 10% bonus if you wish to use it for Sealed Products
For example, you can sell cards worth £100 for £100 in Cash, £140 in Cards or £110 in Sealed Products
Did you know?
We strive to offer the quickest & most flawless Buylist service possible
Join 1000s of MTG Buyers & Sellers who have used our service
Any questions?
Feel free to contact us at:
You can also find more detailed instructions on how to use our Buylist by clicking here